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Hot air balloons are a big, colorful, and memorable way of advertising your business or organization, and Endeavor Ballooning would love to talk to you about the many opportunities available. Setting up your own ballooning program can be as simple as buying promotional space on our equipment, or as grand as purchasing your own equipment and starting a regional or national appearance schedule. Statistics show that nearly 70% of the American public has seen a hot air balloon and of those an awe-inspiring 90% could remember the colors and the message on the balloon! Do you remember what color that billboard you just passed was? Or the message on the reader board in front of that restaurant a few miles back? We didn't think so.

Below are some examples of the different types of sponsorships available in hot air ballooning. Give us a call @ (406)600-8999 to discuss any of these items in more detail and to learn how we can help you reach new heights!
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The most popular option for using a hot air balloon to promote your organization is to have a balloon appear at an event. Endeavor Ballooning will bring their team and equipment to a site of your choosing. This is known as promotional tethering. While there, the balloon will be safely tied off and will be able to fly as high as 100 ft. off the ground as many times as necessary to ensure everyone who wants to ride is able. For more information on scheduling, availability, pricing, and site specifications please contact us @ (406)600-8999. 
A hot air balloon is certain to attract and hold attention wherever it appears. Imagine the impact of your organization's name, logo or product replica displayed on a flying, eight story tall billboard! Balloons displaying banners on the body, skirt, or basket are an incredible way of generating positive brand awareness. Contact us today for pricing and availability!
Purchasing your own ballooning equipment and hiring a qualified pilot to begin a regional, national, or even worldwide appearance schedule is an excellent addition to any marketing campaign. Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Re-Max, Pontiac, and Energizer have successfully used balloons in their advertising for decades.  
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