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Colin's ballooning journey began in 1986 when a local balloonist flew  over  his  house  in  Lawrenceville,  Georgia.  Needing  little encouragement,  he took  off after it  and the  rest is pretty  much history. His parents found him a few hours later in a field pointing at the sky and yelling "Balloon!"

Okay, so that last bit is a little fictional, but you get the idea. He spent  the next  decade and  a half yelling  "balloon!",  trying  to inflate garbage bags with hair dryers, crewing for any pilot that would let him, and attending rallies.

In  1997,  he  began  formal  training  as a  pilot  and  earned  his license two years later. In 2001, he opened Endeavor Ballooning after  becoming  a  Federally  Certified  Commerical  Pilot  with balloon, airplane and instrument ratings. Since then he has  logged  over  3600  hours  in  the air flying throughout the  United  States, Canada,  Mexico,  China, Thailand, New Zealand and Japan!    
Brittany joined Team Endeavor shortly after a chance encounter in a bookstore  with our  senior  pilot in January 2011 and they were married in June 2012 in Crested Butte, Colorado. She is a graduate of the University of Science and Arts Oklahoma and a certified  American Sign  Language  instructor. When you first make  contact  with  Team  Endeavor  chances  are  you'll  be speaking to her, and on mornings when she's present, you'll find her snapping photographs and tending to things on the ground.
At Endeavor Ballooning  it is our mission to not just take you on a balloon ride, but to make sure that you experience a truly top notch adventure!
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Commercial Balloon, Commercial Instrument Multi Engine Airplane
Jim Bridger  &  Albert Gallatin
          The official mascots

Jim & Alby are the official mascots of Endeavor Ballooning. They are english cocker spaniels and  the breed has been in the family for over 40 years so we plan on maintaining the make and model.

They are both bundles of black joy and have more energy than you can imagine!